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Preparation Breeds Success offers advice to help you boost your capital machinery sales. Author Mike Hotchkiss has years of sales experience to back up his observations.  He has found that preparing for each sales situation is the best single action sales professionals should make routine.

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."  ~ John Wooden

Boost Sales by Learning the Most Applicable Strategy for Each Customer Interaction

About Mike Hotchkiss

Be more successful in selling by reading Preparation Breeds Success from author Mike Hotchkiss. This important book offers advice on selling technical goods that is based on Mike's 20 years in the field as a sales professional, as well as his experience doing internal sales training. He understands every selling situation is unique and that creative thinking is a better approach than one-size-fits-all thinking.

Mike Hotchkiss is a mechanical engineer by degree who has spent the bulk of his professional life marketing and selling capital machinery and engineered products designed for specific applications.
While living in Singapore for five years, he spent much of his time traveling the world for various projects, gaining valuable insight into different business cultures and selling techniques. Currently, he is mostly grounded and providing freelance technical writing, photography, and technical sales consulting services.

Mike lives contentedly in the New Haven, Connecticut, area with his wife, Sue, and three adopted rescue dogs. In addition to his writing and consulting duties, Mike is an avid photographer and loves to cook without recipes. Mike is a member of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. He is listed in the January 2016 Who's Who Registry of business executives and entrepreneurs.

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